Animation in Moderation

A Clump of Plinths

A Clump of Plinths

Case Study


Professor Krikun


The Evolution of Dino


Fall Semester 2016


Designed and created by Craig Spencer


The project is to demonstrate the potential issues with automation in the workplace and the loss of employment by potentially hundreds of thousands of fully employed citizens. The objective is to stem the onslaught of automation and return to a simpler time where people were able to engage in whatever activity engrossed their imagination and fulfilled their spirits.


In order to capture different movements of the human being depicted in the animation I modeled my walking after the demonstrations of the walk cycle presented by Professor Krikun and “How to Cheat in Flash” and “Adobe Classroom in a Book”, guide books to Flash in order to study the way of constructing a walk cycle.


The first challenge was to work in the Flash environment since I’m not familiar at all with any of Adobes’ products to any great extent. This and my absolute lack of drawing skills which temporarily hindered my progress in the frame by frame animation process.


The animation is constructed from two main techniques in Flash- motion tween and frame-by-frame. I utilized trial and error, along with classroom instruction to achieve my animation. The soundtrack was edited in Final Cut Pro. The scenes were created in Flash totally due to the reduction of quality in transferring from Flash to Final Cut.


The animation was made in Flash, excluding the basis of the walk cycle which was created in Photoshop then transferred to Flash. The soundtrack, music and  FX were edited together in Final Cut Pro to a animatic created in Flash.


Presenting the issue of automation in a clear fashion can hopefully instigate an awareness in a growing issue mistaking attributed to other sources such as globalization, may raise the understanding of an issue which effects us all.

The animatic of the project:




The above image is from the Uffizi in Florence and is an early work by Michelangelo. Although a recreation, due to the theft of the original in 1943, it still captures the  attitude of a young artist (13 at the time) who had a sense of humor.

OK. Animation blog is up. 8/17/16. Time to get cracking.

I’d like to represent the birth of creatures from primordial ooze much the way a glassworker teases a creature from the hot glass lumps in a foundry. It is a surreal experience to watch an object being pulled from the elastic blob of molten sand and it  reveals a hidden truth about creation, which is repetition. Evolution only is nascent  within a form when one is able to repeat an action consistently.

Work I did with After Effects:


Work I did with Plotagon:

Stop motion work:

More stop motion:

Old animation attempts:



I am wondering if my immersion on a few weeks of arts and architecture will dramatically effect my  output on the creative front.

I’m looking to make my figures geometric and consistent. Circle, square and triangle. I know that it will simplify the process, but will it dull down the result.


I am finding the reacclimation to the use of pencil and paper slow and painstaking. However, as I work thought the required drawings, I find a renewed sense of ease in my stroke.

Another old animation attempt.



I work  with this guys old man….. I love this kind of silliness….



What inspires me.